• S A L T S Global Logistics Services LLC (SALTS), An International Freight Forwarding Company established in UAE specialized in Project Logistics as our core business focus, integrated global freight forwarding and supply chain solutions, Transport Engineering solutions, warehousing solutions & procurement solutions.
  • SALTS managed by industry experts with more than 25years of experience in the industry. Our Chairman Sheikh Khalid Abdullah Abdul Jaber Mohammed has been in the logistics field since 1992.
  • SALTS have direct contract with the leading asset owned organization with +200 axles and equipment to meet the project requirements.
  • For SALTS, information is the key to our business and, for that reason, we offer our customers a wide range of communication possibilities.


SALTS focused in creating logical solutions to meet the everyday challenges in logistics industry meeting expectations and to support our customers by eliminating geographical constraints taking advantage of the opportunities that, the international markets offer. We are always aimed in finding solutions to create more effective operations with strong communication skills. We are having exclusive partnerships all over world hence we have own sister entities and exclusive partnerships in Saudi Arabia, India, Iraq and Africa sectors.



  • UAE is the global headquarters of S A L T S Global Logistics Services LLC (SALTS).
  • Our project logistics integrated global freight forwarding, and supply chain solutions are controlled from UAE


Saudi Arabia

  • SALTS established in Saudi Arabia in 2016 and having offices at Jeddah, Riyadh & Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
  • SALTS with its presence, having own customs clearance brokerage services allover Saudi Arabian Sea ports, Airports & Borders.
  • SALTS are tied up with Heavy Haulers in Saudi Arabia for the heavy lift operations and installation services.



  • SALTS having exclusive Inhouse Partner (South Gate Logistics, Iraq - SGL) with its offices at Basra, Umm Qasr, Bagdhad & Erbil. SGL is having own equipment’s like 50 tons cranes, 30 tons cranes, Crane mounted trucks, low beds, flat beds, Pick ups mixing trucks etc… under SGL ownership.
  • SGL lead by Eng. Ghaith H. Abdulridha, Iraqi national who has been in the customs clearance and transportation industry in Iraq since 20+ years and has very good and respectful relations with the customs/ port authorities and also with the major oil companies around Iraq.
  • SALTS together with SGL are specialized in MOC, BOC, MDOC, Exemption services, customs clearance of exempted and duty paid shipments, Import license, chemical importation, equipment rentals and all general and heavy lift transportation services.



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  • SALTS India established in Mumbai with it’s presence in New Delhi, Kochi, Kerala and have been engaged in handling major Projects with project customers since 2013 with our own brand CGL Projects.
  • SALTS India engaged in Multimodal Transport solutions such as Air, Sea & Overland transport solutions across the globe with it’s own international & Partner offices across the globe.
  • SALTS are having direct relations and agreements with the Heavy Haulers for the heavy lift handling and installation services.
  • SALTS India has its own transport equipment’s to meet the transport requirements within India.



  • SALTS has exclusive partnership with partners in SADC Countries, East Africa & West Africa.
  • SALTS having direct agreement with the fleet & heavy lift owners to handle heavy lift transportation and installation services.
  • SALTS has been engaged in projects in Africa such as Malawi, Mozambique, Morocco, Ethiopia, Botswana & Egypt



  • SALTS established in Shanghai, China in September 2019 as a part of it’s expansion.
  • With its new own office in China will support the freight solutions from Far East region and to develop the trade lane between Far East countries to Middle East and especially to Iraq.
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  • SALTS confirms health safety and environmental conservation are integral parts of its primary business activity.
  • To provide a comprehensive range of international logistics, consolidation and freight forwarding services of consistently high quality to our Customers by,
  • Understanding the requirements of our Customers we will pursue this policy in partnership with our sub-contractors through the teamwork of our staff and ongoing investment in advanced technologies.
  • Commitment , Conscientiousness, Experience, Expertise and Dedication of our team..
  • Maintaining advanced technological systems for monitoring service levels and measuring performance
  • SALTS's motto is to “Avert accidents and problems before they could arise, to avoid unpleasant surprises”. The HSE is strictly monitored by the management team and we review, evaluate the HSE policy on a quarterly basis.


SALTS serves the core industries such as Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering, Power/Energy, Infrastructure, Petrochemicals, Automotive, and Steel & Cement Industry to provide industry expertise, tailor-made solutions and value added solutions to meet your timely needs with our industry experts.

SALTS has a global network covering over 183 countries with over 423 offices in 235 cities. Across globe we have our own local resources and passionate and professional agent network to deliver logistics solution on time to meet our client needs.

What SALTS does best is caring for our customers and make them comfortable by giving adequate logical solutions to meet their project logistics requirements. We believe our customers are our investment.



Our mission is to make SALTS most preferred Projects & Logistics Partner in all Walks of life, whether it be Business or Personnel, by creating logical solutions and delivering outstanding value and exceptional customer Satisfaction. – Always trying to deliver more than Expected.


To be the Most Trusted & Dependable Name in the field of Projects & Logistics world and to be the enablers for our Customers growth...

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